fallgardenAs we enjoy the autumn colors and bring in the apples and buttoning up the gardens for winter, we're all thinking about the holiday plan this unusual year. Some of you have enjoyed Farm Kitchen Gingerbread Parties in the past or picking up Gingerbread House Kits to do with family and friends. Well you're still in luck! Not much has changed in this department ;-)

gbhclip2The Gingerbread Parties moved last year to Pleasant Beach Village and will be held under their pavillion full of lights heaters and outdoor holiday spirit! Our Gingerbread Kits are available on our Farm Kitchen Bakery  site  now for order and  pickup or have us ship them out to grandchildren, friends, or your holiday hideaway.

We hope you will enjoy the best of the fall season right now.

Customer voices....
So happy to get my fix of your shortbread cookies at Central Market.
Karen B

eight grain pullapart
Drop in to your favorite coffee spot
and look for
Farm Kitchen cookies & Hollis's famous Eight-Grain Pullaparts

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